Darkest of Nights
1/20/2018 7:00:00 AM by: Tyler Robertson

So many times in our Christian walk we forget that we are in a battle.  We talk about “not fighting against flesh and blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mightypowers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places. (Ephesians 6:12 NLT)”  Don’t forget that attacks come both ways.  If you aren’t having a spiritual warfare struggle, you may want to think long and hard just how dangerous you are to the enemy.

I wrote this in a time when I am “feeling” alone.  I am not alone nor forsaken, just in my human weakness do I feel alone.  He had me grab my computer and type this out before I headed to church.  Man was I weeping!  Much of my life has dealt with the military, father was in the Marines for 20 years and I joined the Marines in 2008, so He has chosen to keep me on this warrior path.  The below passage is being shared with you to alert you to the choices you have in the battle and to encourage you that when we get up to fight again that the victory is glorious.

Will you stay down or will you stand in the gap?

Darkest of Nights

It’s the darkest night yet, the weight of responsibility crushing your shoulders.
You walk the ramparts of Castle “Cornerstone”.
Torches and fires extend from your walls to the horizon.
The Enemy of life has come for the assault.

They bring their numbers to bear, menacing and evil.
All the implements of war stand at the ready.
They shout their lies and laugh at their coming victory,
For how can so few stand against so many.

Dawn breaks but that is the only thing that shatters the stillness of night.
Your resolve, along with those beside you, does not falter.
They look to you to give you the sign, to tell them they will survive the day.
So, you turn your eyes to the SON and let him warm your face.

Thunder rolls in a cloudless sky and with a cry for blood the Enemy surges.
They fire their catapults, loose their arrows and sling their stones.
They cover the sky and seek to block the light of the SON.
Death has come to call and it falls without remorse.

Rocks hit the walls and the barbs of the Enemy pierce hearts.
“Stand! Stand!!”, you cry above the noise.
Some do get up, set with many arrows but some choose to not rise.
You turn towards the Enemy, a grim look on your face.

“How many won’t rise? How many will we lose?”, you wonder.
Pain! Unbearable pain!!
Your eyes travel to your chest and it is feathered with arrows.
You are not immune to the attacks, you are not invincible.

Gasps and cries reach your ears from the castle. 
The eyes are falling on you, the one who has led them this far.
Now, it all comes crashing on you: responsibility, trust, faith, expectations and reality.
A crash rings loud in your ears, its you on your back.

Now is the moment and now is the choice.
Stand in the Gap or stay down for the count?
The ground seems to welcome and embrace you.
A peace is there in that moment. Oh so welcome peace.

One small voice calls out to you, “I love you.”
“Stand here in the fortress for me, care for those whom I give you.
You will not fall and you may be hurt but I will not forsake you.
Just stand for me and rally my children.”

So do you? Make your choice: Stand and Fight or Quit.
We cannot give ground to the Enemy. You lift your head.
We must stand for Truth. You stumble to your feet.
We give no quarter. You let out a battle cry.

There is blood at your feet from your injuries.
There is pain in your body from your wounds.
You are standing on your feet by the Grace.
You are breathing on your own by the Mercy.

You scan your station and Fear has struck the men and women.
You see it in their eyes, the tremble in their lips.
There are bodies across the ground and gaps in the line.
The defense seems sparse and ragged.

You shout above the noise, “Stand up! Rise up, men and women of courage!
Today we do not fall and today we do not slumber.
The Enemy has come to knock and we will answer with Strength.
He has charged us to HOLD and we will GIVE. NO. GROUND!!!”

A new roar comes but this is from the defenders!
They are shouting, “Jehovah! Messiah! Mighty King! Lion of Judah!”
Now the fight has begun in earnest. The defenders rally and fight back.
Arrows of Truth and Stones of Love are readied.

“LOOSE!!!!”, you shout and release your own shaft.
For a brief moment the darkness is stalls, unsure and blinded.
How could there be anyone left on the walls?
How could they stand against the army we have sent?

Truth and Love starts to fall on the Enemy!
They are sharp and solid weapons that never dull.
The weapons pierce the hearts and crack the armor of the Enemy.
Many, many more bodies fall and stay down.

The onslaught stalls and a silence pervades the battlefield.
The dead are littered on the ground, crumpled where they were pierced.
Stillness becomes palatable on the air.
Slowly, the anticipation starts to build. Expectation holds its breath.

Groaning comes from the field. Crying rings across the ground.
People start to stand and the Enemy starts to tremble.
You turn to the courtyard and shout, “Open the Gates and RIDE!!”
The creaking of the barred gates can now be heard.

Thunder now booms from the Castle and a cheer rises.
The Kings rides out on His white horse at the head of His army.
Their armor is white and brilliant and they are without fear.
They ride swift and sing the Joys of their King.

The Dead men turn and lift their voices to the King.
The King smiles and sweeps them up with Him in his ride.
Person after person turns and takes the up the charge.
Swords that were shattered, now are whole.

Retreat is now in full force for the Enemy. 
None can stand up to the King in his charging.
He drives them back and back and still more fall and rise.
His army swells and sends the Enemy beyond the horizon.

His Majesty returns to the Castle and you bow your head.
He reaches His gentle, pierced hand to you and says, “Look at me.”
Your breath gets stuck in your throat at the sight of His face.
Tears run down your face and the pain leaves your body.

“I knew you would take some hurt and be pierced for my sake.
Thank you for standing and protecting my children.
I am more proud of you than you could know.
Well done, good and faithful servant. I love you.”

The battle may have ended with the dawn.
Salvation may have come to those in need.
The war is far from over and rages across the world.
Salvation needs to be taken to those in need.

Stand for His Majesty.
Strengthen your Resolve.
Ignore your Wounds.
Shout the Battle Cry.

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LiftJesusCross From PA At 1/21/2018 5:51:31 AM

Outstanding writing! We will not lay wounded. We will rise and defend!

Reply by: Team Seasoned Heart

Yes we must rise and stand faithful to the place HE assigned us.

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