Rugged Crosses

Not By Sight features the hand-hewn crafts of Todd Schoeller, blind carpenter. In his world without sight, Todd uses specialized measuring tools for the blind, hand axes and power tools to make unique, inspirational decorations.

Why the Rugged Cross? The Rugged Cross demonstrates the suffering Jesus endured as he died. While many gold and silver crosses point to the victory Jesus won at the cross, the Rugged Cross is a reminder of the great price Jesus paid for our eternal salvation. Rugged Crosses are perfect for gifts and memorials or to decorate your home, church, office, or wedding.

Custom crosses and candle holders are available upon request.

The blind carpenter who makes these attends my church. He is the head of our men’s ministry. He has supported my missions and goat project in Kenya. He also helps line up speaking engagements for me when I am in USA. He also helps to line up speaking for Dan while he is in USA. He and his wife met in an IHOP and have gone on missions even with his disability.  Please visit Todd’s site and help support him.

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