Team Seasoned Heart, based in Schwenksville, Pennsylvania, provides financial support as well as training teams to carry out missions in cooperation with Restoration Village Project, a Christian ministry to Kilgoris, Kenya. Team Seasoned Heart’s Kenyan mission trips include training youth leaders, ministering to widows, orphans and prisoners, and providing medical care.

We are privileged to carry HIS heart to East Africa from a base in Kilgoris, Kenya.  We invite you to, above all else, pray in agreement with the Holy Spirit for HIS purposes for this region and the people.  While we see God as our Source, there is the principle of the Sower and the one sent to the Harvest field and the blessing to both.  We invite you to come alongside of us and sow financially into the ongoing Harvest. 

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Mountains Tossed into the Sea

6/1/2020 1:00:00 PM BY Hannah S. Hunter

Mountains Tossed into the Sea

By: Hannah S. Hunter

Isaiah 52:7a(NLT) “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of the messenger who brings good news.” Is. 54:10(NLT) “For the mountain may move(shake)…My covenant of blessing(peace) will be never be broken.” Mark 11:23(NLT) “I tell you the truth, you can say to this mountain may you be lifted up and thrown into the sea.

The theme for the school year at our ministry school is taking back our mountains that are in each nation. They are either a high tower for the Lord or a high place for the enemy. Nations may have some that are unique to them or the continent where they are. My challenge to the students is what mountain are you called to? Where are you presently on the mountain? What is your assignment and strategy on that mountain?

Interesting that He assigns us to the mountains and gives us beautiful or steadfast feet to bring the message of good news. Last verse in Micah 4 we are given bronze hooves on the mountains. Those are unbreakable and surefooted. From there we trample what is illegal and there is a release of the riches that were stolen and belong to the Lord of all the earth.

Are you getting the feeling mountains and our position on them are important? As we look at our world, anywhere in the world, no place has been left unshaken. His promise to us is peace that will never be broken because He made covenant with us concerning this issue. No matter what is happening peace is our covenant promise. Let us stand on that. Nightly we have thieves rattling our gate and using hammers or tools to break in and steal. Yet we stayed in peace. We bless GOD the angels have kept them from entering the last three nights.

The mountains that are the high places of the enemy must be dealt with. They have been there since creation. They are part of history and a constant landmark. One night as I was studying with the Lord, He asked me if I knew that mountains had roots. No! They do and they go 5-6 times deeper than the height of the mountain. Yet He says we can say to the mountain you can be lifted and tossed into the sea. Why would we toss a mountain into the sea? Why not cause it to implode?

Last evening while I was on the broadcast with the prophet to the government, I began to see in the spirit a mountain being torn out of the ground -roots and all. It was then thrown into the ocean. Immediately I heard the howls of the water demons. They were very in great distress that the mountain was in their waters.

Mountains roots began to jam up entry to tributaries. The demons could not move freely. There were many tributaries. I also knew that the water with the roots in them was now sweet and refreshing. I knew this event was far reaching in its’ implication. I also knew it had to do with affecting food supply. I began to realize we have entered a new season.

Powers of the air, mountains, seas, nations, and “kings” are being tossed, trampled, and rearranged with new alignments. Our understanding of things and what we were sure of are now on shaky ground. Did any American ever think there would be police precincts ablaze? Insanity from every mountain- education, family, business, arts/entertainment, religion, govt/military, and media is the order of the day. Every mountain is shaking, and some are crumbling.

Yet dear ones in this season HE oversees the shaking. The idols are falling, and priorities are being rethought. He is not out to destroy us but to refine and set our feet firmly and safely on the mountain HE chose for us to give us all we need to usher in the move of the Holy Spirit and the great harvest. Let us take courage and remember His covenant of peace.

Genesis of Nations

5/26/2020 7:00:00 AM BY Hannah S. Hunter

Genesis of Nations

By: Hannah S. Hunter

Matthew 28:19-20(PT) “Now go in my authority and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. And teach them to faithfully follow all that I have commanded you, and never forget that I am with you every day even to the completion of this age.”

Three hundred thirty-six times the word nation/nations are mentioned in the bible. Some of the last words of Jesus were about nations. We are to disciple or train the nations how they should walk and live.

In this plague no nation is untouched nor left unscathed. Even the physical land is undulating. The earth is moving according to the prayers, words, and actions of the people. The earth is weary and crying with everything in it to be delivered.

Every nation began with a person. Within each of our souls and in our loins or wombs lies the potential to birth a nation. Someone had a vision that drove their very existence and they forsook every other pursuit to see it come to pass. Down through history nations constantly are evolving, borders either are expanding or shrinking, and leadership is changing hands.

No matter how iron clad a leader thinks his/her plan to rule nations is powers change in relatively short time spans from the view of eternity. Even Israel, whose boundaries were spelled out in the Torah, are transient in what they can call theirs. Some nations last longer than others. May factors determine the longevity and scope of rule.

Our understanding of our “nations” and our assignment to them is crucial in this hour like never before. Distraction by last season, last assignment, or even sentimentality can cause us to miss our place and stance in this season. The lock down has been the perfect opportunity to disengage and reengage with the Giver of the nations and marching orders.

With the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit about to be ushered in we need to be equipped, filled up, and know who is with us. It is imperative that in this moment we are preparing and are poised strategically.

I see when that Wind comes as it did on Pentecost with wind and flames, we need to be in the right place, with the right equipment, and our assigned unit surrounding us.

Jezebel, Religion, and Political spirits are in place and in force in every nation especially in the capital cities. Visionaries who birthed nations desired for themselves and their people to have a prosperous and happy life. These strongmen desire to control and destroy a people and a nation. They put on very pretty faces and their words drip with honey. When the masses do not follow without question, they threaten and at all cost drive fears into the very core of man.

One of the definitions of genesis is origin or coming into a new political movement. As the body of Christ and His leaders we must address what is happening from our pulpits. This was done as the USA was fighting for her freedom. The result was one of the greatest nations yet on the earth. Why do you think the spirit of corona is fighting so hard to keep us from our pulpits? To silence the voices of truth from speaking what is afoot.

Summoning my student to come right after breakfast I began to share with him some things God was showing me, and I assigned him some research. He asked me what a gulag was. One dictionary defines it as imprisonment for an indeterminate amount of time to silence a person’s public voice. It begs the question why are we being separated, not allowed to meet to worship/preach, and forcibly masked to hide our identity and muffle the voices?

Yet the scripture used here says teach…. What I command….. never forget I am with you every day until the completion of the age. Hallelujah! Soldier on my fellow warriors.