Team Seasoned Heart, based in Schwenksville, Pennsylvania, provides financial support as well as training teams to carry out missions in cooperation with Mission Team For Christ, a Christian ministry, and Hopewell Christian Fellowship, our church plant in Kilgoris, Kenya. Paster Dan Ombija is a Kenyan who is leader to both those ministries. Team Seasoned Heart’s Kenyan mission trips include training youth leaders, ministering to widows, orphans and prisoners, and providing medical care. Hannah Hunter, president of Team Seasoned Heart is now based in Kilgoris, Kenya full-time.  She has established her home there. We also have started a ministry school to take back the cultural mountains – religion, family, business, government, arts and entertainment, media, health and science, and education.  Most of our students are college graduates.  We have successfully launched four businesses.

We are privileged to carry HIS heart to East Africa from a base in Kilgoris, Kenya. We have also been branching out into southern Africa. We invite you to, above all else, pray in agreement with the Holy Spirit for HIS purposes for this region and the people.  While we see God as our Source, there is the principle of the Sower and the one sent to the Harvest field and the blessing to both.  We invite you to come alongside of us and sow financially into the ongoing Harvest and reformation. 

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God's Movement Week 3

7/31/2021 8:49:00 AM BY Zachary J. Hunter

God’s Movement


            Another week, another telling of what God is doing in this time.  Every week we continue to see growth and forward movement.  This week one of our group had been struggling with a job that they really wanted however it required all employees to get the Covid vaccine.  Like many of us this wonderful person does not trust the vaccine and does not want to get it.  They struggled between the desire for the job and the need to get the vaccine.  In faith they brought their concerns and desires before us and sought council and the Lord’s will.  In the end they sent a letter to the job that they would not be getting the vaccine, listing their reasons and how legal requiring the vaccine is.  The place she sought to work rejected the letter and she felt a peace about the situation.  Immediately God had another job lined up for her that would fit her very well and had her excited.  God is indeed good.


            Another of our group has been through some tough times relationally however this has helped drive her closer to God then ever before.  This year has been amazing growth wise for her and has even begun to change her marriage.  We have seen this growth as never before this week as her husband began to fall back into old habits, the ones that led to the trouble in the first place.  Instead of falling back into old habits of submission and complacency she has begun to roar like a lion and push back, laying down the law when need be.  Boldness and courage.


            More growth has come in the form of learning how to let things bounce off of us.  One of our number has been victorious this year as she has fled an abusive relationship, something she never thought she would do.  She has seen victory in the courts with the amount of time her kids have to spend with the father being greatly limited and entirely under her control.  The father has tried to manipulate and take control of the situation, but she has not let him.  Better yet she is letting it bounce off of her in ways she never has or could before.  Way to go!


            I encourage everyone to read Lamentations 3 this week.  It is a wonderful piece when grief assails you as it inevitably does.  For us it came when we lost my father and my mother’s husband.  However, in it there is also a section I very much believe applies to today.  This chapter talks about being mocked by your enemies, something we are very familiar with today and have been so for years now. 


            However, as the writer of Lamentations says the Lord is good to those who depend on Him.  He defends and proves right those who follow His ways.  It is good to wait quietly on the Lord for salvation.  This does not mean we withdraw and do not interact in this time; that is a trap the Church fell into decades ago and has led us to this very situation.  We push back, we stand up and fight, but we must also take time to be quiet before the Lord.  We must hear His voice and His wisdom, perceive His plan.  God is coming, has been working, and the more we engage in Him the sooner we can bring victory and revival to our nation and the world. 


God's Movement Week 2

7/24/2021 11:40:00 AM BY Zachary J. Hunter

            Hello everyone, it is time for another installment of God’s movement.  The first movement we have this week is from one of the women in our group.  Her struggle was, in her own words in putting the desire for companionship and financial stability before God.  This week it really dawned on her that she was doing this and that she needed instead to put God first and trust in Him to provide for her.  We are very proud of her for realizing this, sharing it with us as a group, and asking for prayer and encouragement as she moves forward.


            The second thing this week has to do with our own household.  This year we had to deal with swarms of flies in our house.  These flies have been a problem for the past few years however not to this extent.  We tried to nip it in the bud but no matter what we did it did not seem to stem the tide of the annoying critters.  Hannah realized this was no ordinary swarm and so each of us had to seek the Lord for what was in us that was not of God and bringing death.  Once we did so and dealt with them corporately as a family we saw the flies lessen and die off completely in days.


            The third and final movement this week was when an internet server went down for hours affecting many large businesses.  Many of the businesses affect were part of the mountain of business who have bought into the corruption and trying to help prevent this country from fulfilling it’s God given destiny and covenant.  This is but the first sign that the battle for the soul of our nation and the world is ramping up and God is moving on our behalf.


            I want to leave this week on a word of encouragement.  The server going down is one sign of the war in heaven reaching into the physical realm.  We know God is moving and that the battle belongs to Him.  He will not give up and He will not be mocked.  God’s Will will be done in the world.  Watch the signs and hear the prophets and we will see the battle turn in our favor.  Things will not be easy, not yet, but we can rest assured victory will be ours because it will be His.  As part of that encouragement, I urge you to go back and reread last week’s post.  We spoke of a man coming to God when no hope seemed to exist.  This is God’s mercy and showing us a part of how His victory will be achieved.  God bless.