Team Seasoned Heart, based in Schwenksville, Pennsylvania, provides financial support as well as training teams to carry out missions in cooperation with Restoration Village Project, a Christian ministry to Kilgoris, Kenya. Team Seasoned Heart’s Kenyan mission trips include training youth leaders, ministering to widows, orphans and prisoners, and providing medical care.

We are privileged to carry HIS heart to East Africa from a base in Kilgoris, Kenya.  We invite you to, above all else, pray in agreement with the Holy Spirit for HIS purposes for this region and the people.  While we see God as our Source, there is the principle of the Sower and the one sent to the Harvest field and the blessing to both.  We invite you to come alongside of us and sow financially into the ongoing Harvest. 

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Going Into the Deeper....

2/17/2020 12:00:00 PM BY hannah hunter

Going into the Deeper….

By: Hannah S. Hunter

Daniel 2:22 "It is He who reveals the profound and hidden things; He knows what is in the darkness, And the light dwells with Him.

Job 38:16-17 "Have you entered into the springs of the sea Or walked in the recesses of the deep? Have the gates of death been revealed to you, Or have you seen the gates of deep darkness?”

When GOD first gave me the vision for the name of the ministry, HE had me form, I saw HIM taking a saltshaker and pouring these aromatic spices and herbs all over the earth filled with people. Team Seasoned Heart! Just for amazement go study how some of your favorite rare spices are harvested. Some put the harvester’s life at risk. Some are only in deep waters among razor sharp coral or sea creatures lurking.

Yesterday as I was in corporate worship I was overcome when I saw the LORD moving on our behalf. He was diving deep into waters that had never seen the light of the sun, but the Son brought the light. I saw Him scooping up treasures and precious spices and swimming to the surface. I saw HIM shake His holy head to clear the water from His eyes and hair. The look on His face was pure joy and glee.

As I stood to preach I had to speak to myself and my face not to weep as I looked out and saw women whose husbands abandoned them, or were living with a second wife on another land, single mums with their babies tied to their backs serving me or the church at large. Or the man who comes without his wife and had sustained injuries that still were painful from a car accident. Many struggling to make a life. I realized He, Jesus, had gone into the deep for them to bring hope and reveal what they did not know.

Oh, our only hope is in Him. He is the living Word. We opened the Bible to ll Timothy two.  These are not just words they are living and breathing. That Word was with GOD at the very beginning. He was there at the middle and HE will never leave us or forsake us. HE will be there at the end speaking on our behalf. We must read, embrace, eat, and chew this Word to survive and overcome.

ll Timothy 2:19a (NLT) “But God’s truth {HIS Word} stands firm like a foundation stone with this inscription: “The Lord knows those who are his.” I am so glad we are inscribed with His name and our foundation stone if Jesus.

This season He is after the things deep in our foundations, our lineage, our culture. He is determined to bring them up to the surface and look meticulously at them. Things that have blocked our release, brought offense, and generally held us running in place with little progress.

I was hearing about the trade winds in the Indian Ocean that were changing course and causing the deep, dark, cold, and roiling water to be thrust to the surface. It has caused shaking and shifts in weather patterns and possible even contributed to incubation of these locusts plaguing East Africa.

Yet I also see the angels assigned to the winds standing in the four corners and shaking the winds like you do a fresh clean sheet to be fitted on your bed-your place of rest and intimacy. I love how my God is involved in all His creation. Things are being stirred up in the deep oceans for His pleasure and glory. The thrones of the water demons are being displaced and shaken to the core.

Some of the most wounded rejected saints are the ones whose faithful and desperate prayers are moving the hand of God, putting weapons in the hands of the angels and saints. The hidden and overlooked are about to arise and be the army that ushers in the greatest move of God. Things we dreamed with God for years but feared would never come to pass now are overtaking us and moving us to awe with no words.

Rise up! Hold fast! Plunge into the deeper…Keep your eyes on the prize- Him.

Feet of Your Soul

2/11/2020 6:00:00 AM BY Hannah Hunter

Feet of Your Soul

By: Hannah S. Hunter

Habakkuk 3:19 (AMP)The Lord God is my strength [my source of courage, my invincible army]; He has made my feet [steady and sure] like hinds’ feet. And makes me walk [forward with spiritual confidence] on my [a]high places [of challenge and responsibility].

Before you write me off as dyslexic or confused about spelling hear me out on this one. As a missionary I have many physical challenges. There are days we have no idea when we will eat our next meal due to lack of funds or lack of available food. We have mud, hauled water, washing everything by hand including our shoes, snakes, no running shower or self-refilling toilets or at times a hole in the ground which goes through a minefield of cow pies and mire.

Yet that is a cake walk compared to the assault on the soul- mind, emotions and will of a person extracted from their familiar and set down in the foreign.

In this season we talk about and pray for the end time revival and the greatest harvest brought on by a movement of the Holy Spirit. I see so many angels armed to the teeth and with a very vigilant concentrated look on their faces. Not fear or anxiety but alertness. They are in motion and have so much coming at them it boggles my mind. So grateful they are with me in this season. They have locusts, our safety, and coronavirus well in hand.

Greatest battle for you and me whether general or private in the Lord’s army is in our soul. I have asserted many times before the soul is where the enemy has the greatest access to us. It was the twisting of God’s words and Eve’s reasoning that opened the door for the enemy to come. Just try living in a culture different than your own to realize it is the mindsets or belief systems that divide us. If not careful and not submitted to God, it can break bonds and covenants.

Never before has God really come and pricked me for my words, my thoughts, my emotions, and my will with laser intensity. For a German redhead who has been a strong leader this is so brutal. Yet it is not for destruction it is for leanness and agility of our soul.

Yesterday was one of those days that the tears of repentance (filled my kitchen water tank to the very top) and tears of frustration (battled by hauling twenty pails of water) were nonstop. When Dan took dinner with me, they flowed into my fish and greens. When my son proffered me a rare treat of salt and vinegar crisps(chips) them tears dried up. No way I was having soggy chips!

Our God the Father, Jesus our warrior King, and the Holy Spirit our radical compatriot are so kind when they are dealing with us. No condemnation just persistence to bring us into alignment.

I crawled out of bed to take air supremacy at 5 AM. As I opened the Word and began to complain He told me, “Command the feet of your soul to start to run and begin to climb My holy mountain to me. I will give your mind, will, and emotions stability and steady feet like the hind. If you look up and keep your eyes on the top where I am you shall not stumble. Cry, yell, even stamp your feet but keep coming.”

As the day progressed, I would pause and take a breather. You are breathing hard and your heart is racing. Sometimes I wanted to look down or just lay down and rest. Yet He drew my eyes to the top and what waited for me.

Glory! Suddenly you are standing at the top and surveying all you could not see on the ascent. A peace descends. Surrounding you is songs from the deep you never heard before. Voices and sounds of heaven. All senses engaged.

I closed my eyes and said, “Oh God, I want to stay here forever, but I know I must go back to the valley. I fixed every smell, taste, sight, hearing, and touch in my mind. My will bowed with every fiber of its’ being. My emotions aligned to worship Him and who He is. I knew too soon this would fade.

Falling asleep there was natural. My soul carried me in my rest to my dwelling place. Today my soul is allowing the Spirit in my spirit to order our steps and the soul is a willing follower in the footsteps of Jesus.