Team Seasoned Heart was birthed out of a passion to carry the Father's heart where ever that would lead me.  This resulted in a flight of faith to the fields of Africa.  Our name stems from the "Seasoning" of our hearts for God's purposes.

You can view the work of Team Seasoned Heart in Kenya, as well as the ongoing missions work of Mission Team for Christ and Hopewell Christian Fellowship, through pictures, videos and writings on Facebook at Mission Team for Christ: https://www.facebook.com/groups/599523733409280/

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Hannah Hunter

I was a covenant wife of one man for almost 36 years when my husband died after a five-year battle with a rare thyroid cancer. He left me three sons—one still in high school—who are now rising up to be mighty men of God.   

Our sons took over our family homestead in Southeast Pennsylvania. I live there between my travels. When we were first married, my husband and I lived in Connecticut where we witnessed gang activity and violence. We also lived in North Dakota where we saw firsthand the plight of First Nation people.

By profession, I am a critical care nurse. I cared for trauma, burn and open-heart patients. For 14 years, I cared for children who had terminal or life-threatening illnesses that oftentimes required mechanical ventilation and tracheotomies.  The ongoing care in done in their homes with their families far from the support staff and corridors of a hospital.

In 2013, I started a ministry called Team Seasoned Heart. Our mission statement is “to meet the basic, practical needs of people to free them to hope and hear God’s truth, empowering them to fulfill God’s purpose for them where HE planted them.”

I train teams for specific missions and travel with them to Kilgoris, Kenya. Kilgoris is a remote village in the land of the Maasai people, about an six-hour taxi ride west of Nairobi. We work with a team of Kenyans named Mission Team For Christ and Hopewell Christian Fellowship. We go into the prisons, to women who suffered FGM (female genital mutilation), widows, orphanages, and universities. We planted our church in the worst part of town with the most bars and the most street people.  We bring practical resources, such as tools for prisoners, medicine, school supplies and clothes. Of course, we always have a bag of candy on hand for the children. We train leaders and preach in the churches. In our established ministry school which includes mostly college graduates we have launched four businesses. One is specific to get the street children clothed and in school where they recieve two meals a day.  Each afternoon after school they go to the business site and are helped with their homework and are given encouragement.