Medical Clinic

Kenyan Life expectancy average 61

50% of the doctors practice in Nairobi and are employed by government.

51% trained leave the country to practice elsewhere.

Many diseases would be eradicated with access to clean water. Malaria could be wiped out. Check out stats for USA just 50 years ago. No money. No health care. Bill must be paid in full before discharge. Worms causes of many of the anemia and malnutrition. Hygiene (due to lack of clean water) and un-caged animals are a factor. Anemia steals 25% of the nutrition from the gut. Also with constant drought and famine availability of fruits, vegetables, and meat becomes a challenge. Chapati, ugali, and rice become a stomach filler, but not much for vitamins, 

protein, or minerals needed.

Deworming (for as little as .04USD) done every 4- 6 months is effective. Also there is a product called micronutrients which contain many vitamins and minerals to combat many illness associated with diseases plaguing the country of Kenya. For $800 I can take 50lbs and distribute with the de-worming while educating the community.

Often when I go for preaching or visiting orphans, widows, schools, university, or prison I am faced with outbreak of cholera, malaria, or typhoid.  We set up makeshift clinics in gasp chicken coops or in the bush an empty co-wife’s home.

Coupled with a project to dig a well we want to establish an ongoing medical clinic on the same land in the bush.   


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