Orphans, widows, and goat gifts

Any child who loses a father or both parents is categorized as an orphan. Women and girls are still second class citizens, possessions, married off for a dowry, and rarely get equal resources or education. HIV is still rampant and causes many deaths. We chose orphans, especially girls, to sponsor for education, supplies, clothes, food, and water.

$40/month provides her with school fees- also the mandated tailor made uniforms, shoes, and haircut.

Within our support of orphans we also like to gift a goat which costs $45. We target 8-12 year old girls who can care for a goat. We buy female- preferable pregnant. We pray they drop twins- GOD has answered that. They drop kids twice a year. We take first kid and pay it forward to another orphan. We do that with 3rd, 5th, etc.  The rest she can sell for school supplies, food, etc. For $100 we can purchase a milk grade goat. We make this a Christmas project each year and like to wrap up before November as prices then increase for holidays.

Widows often are overlooked and undercared for. Many lack water, food and even basic needs as shoes. Yet they are our strongest prayer base. They meet, walk a long way using long sticks as support. They lay on their faces and beseech GOD for us.

Please Help!


Damaris Komoni
Female - Age 11 - Grade 5

To sponsor Damaris Komoni please contact Team Seasoned Heart

Miriam Resianoi
Female - Age 11 - Grade 3

Miriam was abandoned at a year old by both parents. She was taken in by her aunt. She is, currently, in 4th grade. To sponsor Miriam Resianoi please contact Team Seasoned Heart

Leboo Tonito
Male - Age 12 - Grade 5

To sponsor Leboo Tonito please contact Team Seasoned Heart

Angeline Resiato
Female - Age 8 - Grade 5

To sponsor Angeline Resiato please contact Team Seasoned Heart

Ivine Seenoi
Female - Age 10 - Grade 3

Maasai girl, who has no father. Her mother has 4 children to try and support. She is an avid reader. To sponsor Ivine Seenoi please contact Team Seasoned Heart